Learn how MyCouponize ads viruses manifest themselves and remove them from Mac using a security procedure.

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What is MyCouponize virus

MyCouponize is a malicious application that appears to help Mac users save money when shopping online. On the surface, MyCouponize looks legitimate and useful; however, it is just another Potentially Unwanted Program (PUP). MyCouponize is an adware that targets computers running on the latest Mac OS Sierra and earlier Mac OS X version. It always displays unwanted ads with discount and coupon content across websites accessed from an infected system. Users would find ads like “Powered by MyCouponize” on almost every website they assess and they could find same on even famous news websites such as CNN and BBC.

ad powered by shopperify

Mac users are easily attracted to MyCouponize as it has the identical interface with Optibuy, Surfbuyer, Shopperify, and MyShopmate. The adware focuses on hijacking the display of the visited web pages, generating a virtual layer which includes a variety of advertisements at the top of the original website content. The ads include deals, comparison shopping boxes, special offers, coupons, freebies, banners, in-text and interstitial ads. The in-text and interstitial ads are even more obnoxious than others as they usually assume positions where they could be clicked before one realizes it. The items in the ads are usually labeled “Ads by MyCouponize”, “MyCouponize ads”, “Powered by MyCouponize” or “Brought by MyCouponize”.

Many users have complained to us concerning this malicious malware and it can be really unpleasant as it changes browser homepage to www.rack-search.com likes Google website on the surface with a search engine, tempting users to click and have a look. When you do, the security of your system would be seriously jeopardized as the malware integrates with your Safari, Chrome, Firefox or any browser in your Mac, modifying your default homepage or search engine, and eventually redirecting you to some sponsored ads and web pages.


As it is with other adware, MyCouponize infects Mac devices with fake adobe flash player update and freeware. This infectious spreading mechanism is generally known as bundling and it hijacks the normal installation process. This way, users may think they are installing an adobe flash player or some other free version of the famous application. Is it possible to get rid of this virus and be free from its attacks in form of ads? Here are steps you should follow in order to remove MyCouponize from your device.

MyCouponize installer


Remove MyCouponize virus manually

Step 1

Click the “Go” button on the Finder menu bar and open “Applications” Folder as shown below

Open application folder


Step 2

Look out for MyCouponize executable file on the application folder, right click on it and select “Move to Trash”

MyCouponize application


Step 3

Look out for other components of adware such as “MyMacUpdater”, “MySoftUpdate”, “CoreUpdates”, “My-Soft-Update”, “My-SoftUpdate” and “MySoftUpdate” on the same folder, and remove these files to trash.

MyMacUpdater application


Step 4

Click the “Go” button on menu bar again and select “Go to Folder”


Finder go-to-folder



Step 5

Input /Library/LaunchDaemons on popup dialog window and tap return, then the “LaunchDaemons” folder will open



Step 6

Locate “com.MyCouponize.agent.plist” file on the LaunchDaemons folder, right-click on it and select Move to Trash

adware MyCouponize launchdaemon


Step 7

Locate other adware files with names such as “com.MyMacUpdater.agent.plist”, “com.CoreUpdates.agent.plist”, “com.My-Soft-Update.agent.plist”, “com.My-SoftUpdate.agent.plist” and “com.MySoftUpdate.agent.plist” on the same folder. Right click on each of the adware files, and select “Move to Trash”.



Step 8

Empty the trash bin, reboot your system, and fix your browser homepage and search engines that were hijacked by adware.



Get rid of MyCouponize in web browser

In order to reset browser preferences to remove extensions and homepage hijacked by MyCouponize, the following steps would prove helpful.

1. Reset Safari

• Open Safari and go to Safari menu. Select Reset Safari in the drop-down list

• Make sure all the boxes are ticked on the interface and hit Reset


2. Reset Chrome

• Open Google Chrome preference

open chrome preference


• Restore home page

Go to “Appearance” section, and delete unwanted url on home page setting.

restore chrome home page

• Restore search engine

Go to “search engines” section, and delete unwanted search engines. Then select Google as default.

restore chrome search engine

3. Install free of charge AdBlock extension (https://getadblock.com)



Removal MyCouponize automatically with Adware Removal Pro

If you have tried removing this adware manually without success, Adware Removal Pro is a recommended option. It is a powerful tool that will allow you get rid of MyCouponize and any other intrusive adware/malware in your Mac device. All you need to do is download Adware Removal Pro, open it and click the “clean” button.

  • Download Adware Removal Pro from the below link

Free Download

  • Once you downloaded Adware Removal Pro, please open it and click clean button



MyCouponize virus: How to remove fake coupon ads from Mac
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