What is Komros Anti Malware?

Komros is a security tool that you can use to:

  • Remove malware, adware and PUAs (Potential Unwanted Applications) from your Mac.
  • Restore your browser(s) if it has been hijacked by adware.
  • Real-time scan with provided alerts and notifications.

The main value proposition of Komros is that is cleans malicious files from your machine, thereby stopping unwanted popups and improving browser performances. Another selling point is it is easy to use: It only takes a few clicks to remove malware within one minute.

Is Komros Anti Malware Safe?

Yes, because it is approved by and readily available on Apple’s App Store. You can read Apple’s app review guidelines here . Apple always ensures the safety, performance, business, design and legality of any and all apps.

Komros has been available at the app store for 2 years and has over 500,000 customers. Komros also has a good reputation due to excellent customer ratings and reviews, all of which can be read at Mac App Store.

Komros App Review

I also use VirusTotal in order to scan Komros. VirusTotal is a free online service — launched in 2004 by Hispasec Sistemas, and acquired by Google in 2012 — that aggregates more than five dozen antivirus scanners developed by Symantec, Kaspersky Lab, F-Secure and others.Komros Virustotal

Komros Virustotal 2

As you can see form the above table 59 well-known Antivirus products do not detect Komros as a malicious app: Komros is unquestionably safe to use.

Komros – What’s in It for You?

On opening Komros offers two actions: “Restore Browser” and “Remove System Malware”.


Restore Browser

Extensions enhance your browser capabilities, but unsupported third-party extensions may cause your browser to unexpectedly quit or have performance issues. Some extensions can spy on your input, can steal information, or can open advertisement pop-up windows.

Komros will remove all extensions and clear temporary data like cookies and caches. Your bookmarks, history and saved passwords are unaffected and stay safe.

Komros supports Safari, Chrome and Firefox. You can easily select the browser that needs to be cleaned.

Remove System Malware

If you are experiencing pop-up ads, fake virus alerts, software download requests, or other browser related problems, your Mac may be infected with malware. You can turn on the “Remove Malware from your Mac” option and click the “Clean” button on the main window. Then Komros begins to scan your system and remove any malicious files.

However, due to Mac app store limitations, Komros can’t remove the files in the system folder or any that require “admin privilege”.

Komros scan results

You have to click the “Manual Delete” button and remove these files via “Finder”.

Real Time Scan

Komros has the capacity to run a background process that continually monitors your system so that when it finds any malware you receive a pop-up notification. On informing you of this Komros automatically removes the offending files. You can easily control what Real Time Scan does by turning this function on or off via the menu bar.

Komros menubar

Anti-virus VS Anti-Malware

It is easy to get confused about whether to choose established anti-virus or anti-malware software to protect your machine, so let’s start with the differences between “viruses” and “malware.” Viruses are a specific type of malware (designed to replicate and spread), while malware is a broad term used to describe all sorts of unwanted or malicious code. Malware can include viruses, spyware, adware, trojans, worms, PUA and more.

Traditional anti-virus vendors are focusing on “real” viruses on Windows’ systems. However, there are now also a few “real” viruses that can attack or “hijack’ the Mac OS system (less than 10 new viruses per year). The most serious problems are adware and PUA. But the traditional anti-virus vendors do not pay them any attention. In 2017, when the SPI (search page injection) adware broke out, no anti-virus vendors could detect it: except Komros Anti Malware.

Moreover, anti-virus software always have a huge number of virus signatures (99% are used for Windows viruses), it thus causes the scan progress to be very slow, impacting the computer’s performance; however, Komros Anti Malware only detects malicious files particular to Mac OS, so in most cases it can finish a complete scan within one minute.

Is Komros Free?

The app is built around an in-app-purchase model. While the trial version is free to download, in order to actually remove any malware you will have to purchase a license.

Because the developer needs to continually update malware signatures and stay ahead of the curve, Komros uses a subscription-based revenue model in order to fund its fight against the scammers. The costs are advertised as $1.99 per month or $9.99 per year.

If you need Komros to protect your Mac long-term then the yearly price is obviously much more cost effective. Since Komros can be bought at the Apple App Store all payments are safe and secure, plus if you are not satisfied with Komros you can even contact Apple support to request a refund!

I’ve personally contacted their support team via email, and they were supportive and professional in both cases.


Is Komros Anti Malware worth it? In my opinion it is the best Mac security app on the market today: It is incredibly easy to use, even for the rookies, and only ever takes a minute to resolve the problem.

What could be better? You can download Komros from the Mac app store.

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