This guide includes comprehensive information on hijack/lock browsers and provides effective techniques to remove malware from Safari and Chrome.

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Many malwares target Safari and Chrome in order to hijack homepage and engine settings and “searchpage” is one of them. can be a very annoying program as a result of their intrusive behavior and if the core files are not deleted, searchpage may reinstall itself multiple times. Many users have complained to us concerning this malicious malware and it can be really unpleasant as it looks like Google website on the surface with a search engine, tempting users to click and have a look. When you do, the security of your system would be seriously jeopardized as the malware integrates with your Safari, Chrome, Firefox or any browser in your Mac, modifying your default homepage or search engine, and eventually redirecting you to some sponsored ads and web pages.



When some users try to assess safari preferences, they soon discover that the homepage setting is locked and it would be impossible to manually change it. How can you remove the annoying and intrusive searchpage from your Mac?

safari homepage locked


Searchpage manual removal for Mac

  1. Click the “Go” button on Finder menu bar and open Application Folder as shown below

Open application folder


2. Locate searchengine executable file on the application folder. Right-click on it and select Move to Trash.

searchpage application


3. Click the “Go” button on menu bar again and select “Go to Folder…”

Finder go-to-folder


4. Input ~/Library/LaunchAgents on the popup dialog window and tab return, then a folder named “LaunchAgents” will open.

launchagent at home folder


5. Look out for the “searchpage” file on the LaunchAgents folder, right click on it and select “Move to trash”.

searchpaged plist


6. Empty system trash bin and reboot system

7. Restore browser homepage and search engines hijacked by adware.

Quick solution to restore browser


Remove searchpage with Adware Removal Pro

Adware Removal Pro is a powerful FREE tool which is designed to remove adware and browser hijackers from Apple Mac OS X. 

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