Remove MacKeeper – both MacKeeper applications and pop-up ads – which hijacks Safari and other web browsers on Mac OS X to intercept your Internet traffic and pop-up scam alerts.

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How to get rid of MacKeeper virus on Mac? A lot of people asked how to remove/uninstall MacKeeper virus on Mac? Is MacKeeper a virus? How to delete MacKeeper virus?

What is MacKeeper virus

How do you remove MacKeeper from your Mac? A lot of people want to know how to remove/uninstall MacKeeper and even as to if MacKeeper is a virus.

It certainly wouldn’t surprise me if you too have had the misfortune of experiencing the aggressive methods employed by the developers of MacKeeper – software that its developers “claim” to be a Mac maintenance tool that helps to both clean up your machine and optimize it. However, upon installation many people find that MacKeeper does nothing of the sort and in fact does the exact opposite of what it promises to do. This obviously leads to people wanting to remove it. The two major issues which users become concerned with are:

  • Browsers are automatically redirected to a MacKeeper advertisement webpage.
  • They don’t know how to uninstall MacKeeper.

In this article, I will explain these issues and tell you how to resolve them step by easy step.

MacKeeper Popup Ads

If you find that your browsers are continuously redirected to MacKeeper ads, it probably means that your machine is infected with adware. Due to high affiliations provided by MacKeeper, famous adware like “Pirrit” will hijack users’ browsers in order to pop-up MacKeeper ads. Pop-ups can show the alert, “Please consider cleaning your Mac from junk”. These ads are malicious and will only offer further junk and real threats to your Mac.

mackeeper virus


At other times this adware will pop-up a new tab and state, “VIRUS SCAN IS RECOMMENDED FOR MACS “. This is a scam and can cause more harm to your machine. It will go on to run the warning: “Attention: Your Mac might need a virus scan after visiting the risky or suspicious websites. We recommend removing the malware because it may harm your file system and even slow down the entire OS X.”



But all of these alerts and ads are fake do NOT trust them. The ad’s only aim is to trick you into downloading and purchasing the MacKeeper application.

MacKeeper Review

According to the app’s maker – Kromtech Alliance Corp – MacKeeper is a “smart way to care for your Mac every day”. However, after I evaluated this app on my MacBook I can only conclude and confirm that it is a total scam.

On opening MacKeeper it scanned my machine and then reported that the system’s status was serious, in bold red lettering, which can be very scary.

MacKeeper System Status

Yet, I had only recently reinstalled my OSX, so I knew that the system’s performance was in fact excellent and that I also had ample storage space.

MacBook storage

Now, let’s check why MacKeeper found 471 “items” on my MacBook. From the below screenshot you can see that the majority of the “issues” are cache, language and logs files.

MacKeeper Fast Cleanup

Cache files are not a problem, in fact they are important for your machine’s system and its applications so don’t remove them, because, even when you do remove them, they soon return if your system is running. As for language and log files they will NOT do anything that will put your system in a “serious status”, plus, with their small size, they will not make an impact on your system’s storage space. MacKeeper’s only intent is to trick you into believing something is wrong and then scamming you into purchasing the application. 

Additionally MacKeeper installs a “helper” on the menu bar, a pop-up that shows irritating fake alerts that asks you to clean your system and purchase their product. There isn’t even a way to simply turn it off. You can’t escape its constant warnings; it is intrusive and very annoying.

MacKeeper helper

Many well-known Antivirus vendors even detect MacKeeper as malware.

MacKeeper virustotal

In the following sections I will guide you through the steps of how to remove both MacKeeper pop-up and the application.

Remove MacKeeper Pop Up Ads Manually

Remember that Pirrit works with MacKeeper to deliver pop-up ads while you are browsing, and if your browser opens at, it means “Pirrit” adware has already infected your Mac. This adware always installs its files using random names, making it extremely difficult for users to identify the infected files and thus making it very tricky to completely remove them.

Until now:

Step 1

Click the “Go” button on the menu bar and select “Go to Folder”

Finder go-to-folder



In the “Go to Folder” dialog box type: /Library/LaunchDaemons/ and tap return, and a folder named “LaunchDaemons” will open.



Step 3

Carefully check the name of each folder in the LaunchDaemons folder. Normal, safe plist files always come in the format “com.<company name>.<product name>.plist. Two examples of this format are:, and com.teamviewer.helper.plist. However, the malicious plist file will have the format: “com.<random characters>.plist. Two examples of this format are: “com.stagewise.plist, and “com.ZikcKtiR.plist.


If you do not find any potential malicious files using the LaunchDaemons folder, it would most likely be due to the adware having changed its naming rules. You can download the Komros Anti Malware – the best tool designed to remove all adware automatically.

Step 4 

Go to “/Library/LaunchAgents” folder and remove all malicious files.

Step 5

Go to “~/Library/LaunchAgents” folder and also remove all malicious files.

Step 6

Empty the trash bin, reboot your system, and restore your browser homepage and search engines that were hijacked by adware.

Remove MacKeeper Application Manually 

  • Open the MacKeeper menu and choose Quit MacKeeper.

Quit MacKeeper

  • Open the Applications folder and drag MacKeeper to the trash.

MacKeeper application

  • Find the listed files below – which are associated with MacKeeper – and trash them.

~/Library/Application Support/com.mackeeper.AdwareAnalyzer

~/Library/Application Support/com.mackeeper.MacKeeper

~/Library/Application Support/com.mackeeper.MacKeeper.Helper

~/Library/Application Support/com.mackeeper.MacKeeper.MKCleanService

  • Lastly, empty trash and reboot your system.

Remove MacKeeper Automatically

As I mentioned earlier, the infectious Pirrit files always use random characters but by using effective apps and tools like Komros Anti Malware(read review), your system will be safe. As more and more malware/adware is designed to attack Mac OS, it is ever more important to install security software to protect your system, your files, your work and privacy.

Komros Anti Malware is a powerful tool designed to remove adware and browser hijackers from your Apple Mac OS X. 

You can download Komros from the Mac app store. 

Mac App Store

Prevent other Malware Like MacKeeper

No matter how you remove the MacKeeper, either manually or by using Komros Anti-Malware, your system is now cleaner, safer and secure. But how do you prevent other malware – such as MacKeeper – from infecting your system again? Here are some useful tips:

  • NEVER click any Flash Player update notifications or system health check notifications on any web page.

Many people have reported that their system was infected by malware due to clicking on fake Flash update notifications, such as can be seen below.

fake adobe flash player

If you click the “Install” button, a fake Flash Player installer – with embed malware – will be downloaded onto your system. So never download any Flash Player installers from these pop-up ads on any browser. The official Flash Player automatically updates any software that your machine needs.

  • NEVER install any “cracked software” bundles.

Another significant source of malware is “cracked software”. Hackers always embed malware in sort after cracked software such as Adobe Photoshop. So never install it.

  • Install Komros Anti Malware

Komros Anti Malware already has a real time scan function. Even if you download and install an infected package, Komros Anti Malware will detect the malware installation progress and automatically remove it.

MacKeeper Scam Website List

Here are URLs of Mackeeper scam websites:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,


Remove MacKeeper virus from your Mac
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