Remove Mackeeper virus (Mackeeper pop up ads), which hijacks Safari and other web browsers on Mac OS X to intercept one’s Internet traffic and pop up scam alerts.

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How to get rid of Mackeeper virus on Mac? A lot of people asked how to remove/uninstall Mackeeper virus on Mac? Is Mackeeper a virus? How to delete Mackeeper virus?

What is Mackeeper Virus

It is very likely you have seen the aggressive methods employed by developers of MacKeeper – software the developers claim to be a Mac maintenance tool that helps to clean up your Mac and optimize it. However, upon installation, many soon find out that the MacKeeper software does not keep their Mac as the ads state, instead, it does the exact opposite. MacKeeper is a PUP (potential unwanted program) from Zeobit – a famous developer, that pops up fake threats and system problems that attempt to scare the user into purchasing the product.



Due to affiliations, some other adware like “Pirrit” always hijack users’ browsers in order to pop up MacKeeper ads. It can pop up the alert and ask you “Please consider cleaning your Mac from junk“.  These ads are not real and will only offer junks and threats on your Mac.

mackeeper virus


Sometimes, this adware can pop-up the new tab and ask you “VIRUS SCAN IS RECOMMENDED FOR MACS“. It can scam you “Attention: Your Mac might need a virus scan after visiting the risky or suspicious websites. We recommend removing the malware because it may harm your file system and even slow down the entire OS X.”



Here are urls of Mackeeper websites:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

How do you remove or uninstall these unwanted programs? This is a very popular question among Mac users, hence the need for this guide.

How to remove Mackeeper Virus manually

Remember that Pirrit affiliates with Mackeeper to pop-up ads while browsing, so if you are yet to install the Mackeeper application, you still see Mackeeper ads on your browser, and your browser opens and, it means there are “Pirrit” adware on your Mac. This adware always installs adware files with random names on your Mac, making it difficult for users to identify infected files and completely remove them.

Step 1

Click the “Go” button on the menu bar and select “Go to Folder”

Finder go-to-folder



In the “Go to Folder” then input /Library/LaunchDaemons/ on the popup dialog window and tap Return, and a folder named “LaunchDaemons” will open.



Step 3

Check the name of each folder in the LaunchDaemons folder. The normal plist file always comes in the format “com.<company name>.<product name>.plist. Two examples of this format are:, and com.teamviewer.helper.plist. However, the malicious plist file has the format: “com.<random characters>.plist. Two examples of this format are: “com.stagewise.plist, and “com.ZikcKtiR.plist.


If you do not find any potential malicious files using the LaunchDaemons folder, it would most likely be due to the adware changing the naming rule. You can download our free Adware Removal Pro to clean adware automatically.

Step 4 

Go to “/Library/LaunchAgents” folder and remove all malicious files.

Step 5

Go to “~/Library/LaunchAgents” folder and also remove all malicious files.

Step 6

Empty the trash bin, reboot your system, and restore your browser homepage and search engines that were hijacked by adware.


How to remove MacKeeper Virus automatically

Step1: Remove MacKeeper with Adware Removal Pro

Adware Removal Pro is a powerful tool designed to remove adware and browser hijackers from Apple Mac OS X.

  1. You can download Adware Removal Pro from the below:  adware-removal-pro-download

2. Once you have downloaded Adware Removal Pro, please open it and click the Clean button.


Step2: Block Mac Ads Cleaner pop-up ads with AdBlock MasterAdBlock-Master download

Remove MacKeeper virus from your Mac
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