This blog explains how the Safefinder (safe finder) hijacks browsers on Mac OS and provides comprehensive instructions to remove safe finder virus.

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What is SafeFinder

safe finder search page


How to get rid of or uninstall safefinder from Safari, Chrome & Firefox on your Mac is very complicated. A lot of people asked What is safe finder? Is safe finder safe? Is safe finder a virus? I want to delete safe finder.

A lot of malevolent programs aim at Safari and Chrome so as to hijack homepage and engine settings and safefinder is part of them. Safefinder can as a result of their meddlesome behavior be a very annoying program, and safefinder may reinstall itself multiple times if the main files are not deleted.

A lot of users have whined to us in respect to this malicious malware and it really can be displeasing as it has the form of Google website on the surface with a search engine, luring users to click and have a look. The security of your system will be seriously endangered when you do. This is because the malware co-opts with your Chrome, Safari, Firefox or any browser in your Mac, altering your default homepage or search engine, and finally redirecting you to some sponsored ads and web pages

Besides hijacks browsers, it will also install other PUA (Potential Unwanted Application) to users’ Mac machine, such as Advance Mac Cleaner, Malware Crusher, Advanced Password Manager, etc.

Just like other adware, safefinder infects Macs with fake adobe flash player update alert and freeware. This spreading mechanism is generally known as bundling and hijack the normal installation process. This way, users may think they are installing an adobe flash player or some other free version of the famous application.  Users should reject all additional items during installation.

How to remove Safe finder manually

1. Click “Go” button on the menu bar and select “Go to Folder…”

Finder go-to-folder


2. Input ~/Library/LaunchAgents on popup dialog window and Press return, then a folder named “LaunchAgents” will open.

launchagent at home folder


3. Look out “com.Mughthesec.plist”, “com.Safe Surf Finder.plist”, “com.SearchWebMesh.plist”, “com.TrustedSafeFinder.plist”, “com.SafeFinderSearch.plist”, “com.BestForMac.plist” files on the LaunchAgents folder. Right-click on it and select Move to Trash.

It is possible you may not find potential malicious files in the LaunchAgents folder. In this case, it would probably be that the adware has changed the naming rule. You can download the Adware Remover Pro – our free tool designed to clean adware automatically.

4. Click “Go” button again on the menu bar and select “Go to Folder…”

Finder go-to-folder


5. Input ~/Library/Application Support/ on popup dialog window and Press return, then a folder named “Application Support” will open.

6. Locate “com.Mughthesec”, “com.Safe Surf Finder”, “com.SearchWebMesh”, “com.TrustedSafeFinder”, “com.SafeFinderSearch”, “com.BestForMac” folders on the LaunchAgents folder. Right-click on it and select Move to Trash.

7. Open Safari preferences and switch to extensions tab, examining the installed extensions and remove “AnySearch” extension.

AnySearch safari extension


8. Open Chrome and Safari preferences, reset homepage and search engine on it.

9. Empty Trashbin and reboot system.

10. Restore browser homepage and search engines hijacked by adware.

Quick solution to restore browser

How to remove Safe Finder automatically

If you can’t remove this adware manually, I will recommend one powerful application to remove this adware automatically.  And you can also use this app to check if there is other adware/malware installed on your Mac.

Step1: Remove SafeFinder with Adware Removal Pro

Adware Removal Pro is a powerful tool which is designed to remove adware and browser hijackers from Apple Mac OS X.

  1. You can download Adware Removal Pro from the below:  


2. Once you have downloaded Adware Removal Pro, please open it and click the Clean button.


Step2: Block Mac Ads Cleaner pop-up ads with AdBlock Master

AdBlock-Master download

Remove safefinder (safe finder) virus (Redirect) from Apple Mac OS X
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