How to block random redirect on macOS(Mac OS X) safari

How to stop redirects in Safari? How to prevent redirects on Safari? How do I fix redirects on Safari? How do you block ads on Safari? Many people always ask such questions.

Whenever you visit a site, you get randomly redirected to sites which you didn’t intend to visit such as fake apple support, fake adobe flash player, comcast survey and porn advertisements, etc.

safari random redirect

This issue might be because of several reasons, please check below steps.

Step 1. Remove unwanted Safari extension

  1. Safari, choose Safari > Preferences.

  2. Click the Extensions icon to view extensions list.

  3. Uncheck the checkbox of extensions which you don’t know or don’t want.

Step 2. Remove related cookies and cache in Safari

  1. Safari, choose Safari > Preferences

  2. Click the Privacy icon to view Privacy settings.

  3. Click the Details button that appears under the Remove All Website Data button.

  4. Search for the name of the website that you are trying to view.

  5. Click the Remove button.

  6. Close the Safari Preferences window.

Step 3.  Install Adware Removal Pro to remove malware and adware

If above steps can’t resolve the random redirect issues, there is possibility you system may be  infected by adware and malware. Instead of spamming you with ads, they might have even as simply taken personal information or taken your company’s secret sauce.

Adware Removal Pro is a powerful tool which is designed to remove adware and browser hijackers from Apple Mac OS X.

  1. You can download Adware Removal Pro from the below:  


2. Once you have downloaded Adware Removal Pro, please open it and click the Clean button.


Step 4. Install free of charge AdBlock Master

If the problem only happens on a particular site, the problem is most likely an issue with the advertising on that site itself. For a better protection against ads and popups you can install free of charge AdBlock Master.

AdBlock-Master download